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PSW Pakistan Partner:

The Prison Mission Society (PMS) is Prison Samaritans Worldwide partner in Pakistan. They are led by Founder and Director Rev. Maurice Shahbaz. PMS was founded in 1999 soon after Rev. Maurice’s release from prison. Their vision is to hook (outreach), heal (emotional & spiritual restoration) and help (transitional assistance) them, in order to create a better world for prisoners.

Maurice received a life sentence in July 1986 at the age of 13 and was in prison for 12 years for something he didn’t do. There he learned first hand how people suffered in the prisons without hope. Sometimes due to their poor health or many other reasons they cannot see any hope in their dark future.  Maurice was able to finish his education before being released including his B.A. and M.A., as well as further studies in Urdu, and Punjab. Once released he obtained a Master of Divinity from Gujranwala Theological Seminary Gujranwala Pakistan.

In 1999 after his release, he founded PMS. It is officially registered in the Government of Pakistan. PMS serves the welfare of prisoners in the field of education, health and social sectors, and to promote the educational skills of prisoners to improve character, and make prisoners useful citizens upon reentry. Provides 170 educated and qualified Teachers/Pastors/Doctors and Professors inside different prisons of Pakistan.

National Ministry Programs Overview:

  1. Sharing the Gospel – Due to the different regional regulations throughout Pakistan, access for Christian Programs varies greatly. In various places PMS has bible teachings, prayer and worship services with both the prisoners and prison staff.
  2. Education – Directly reaching up to 300 prisoners to improve their academic qualifications, and providing books, stationary, matriculation, F.A., B.A., classes in prisons.
  3. Healthcare – Provide improved healthcare, specialty doctor visits, medicine, and educating prisoners about health through seminars, workshops, campaigns on prevention of communicable disease and drug prevention for prisoners and prison staff in cooperation of the Government of Pakistan and Jail authorities.
  4. Financial Assistance – Helping prisoners pay their fines in order to be released.
  5. Advocacy and Legal Assistance – Legal aid for equal rights for prisoners (freedom from discrimination on the basis of characteristics such as religion, race, sex, color, etc). Provide advocacy, resources, education, mentoring and fellowship throughout the duration of the prison sentence in advance of the prisoners reentry back into the community.
  6. Family Ministry – Due to how Pakistan society is once the breadwinner is imprisoned, the family is quickly impoverished which can lead to no education for the children, as well as hunger and bonded slavery. PMS arranges prayer meetings with the families of prisoners and helps them with food, medicine, clothes and other daily necessities.

The Prison Mission Society

Rev. Maurice Shabaz

Rev. Maurice Shabaz

Founder / Board Chair

Pakistan Ministry Projects

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